If Biden Approval Stays Over 60% After Jobs Whiff & Gas Shortage, Polls Are BS

AP Photo – Evan Vucci

An AP-NORC survey shows President Biden at 63% approval, 36% disapproval.

There’s reason to believe the numbers are transposed.

The “unity candidate” has the highest polarity in cross-party approval ever recorded. He created a crisis at the southern border by literally telling foreigners to “surge the border,” then banning the media from border facilities, now sending $4 billion in U.S. taxpayer money to third-world countries to address the “root causes” of immigration.

He cancelled the Keystone Pipeline, halted oil and gas leasing on federal land, pushed for higher taxes, and supported packing the Supreme Court.

There’s no COVID testing at the border, schools are still closed, cancel culture is still raging, and the political climate seems more tumultuous than ever. On the one hand you have the most popular president in modern history, surpassing even Barack Obama in total votes received, and on the other you have a quarter as many Americans tuning in to watch his first presidential address to the nation.

A reasonable person would have cause to doubt the data.

The real tell will be revealed in the next week if the cyberattack that has shut down one of the largest oil pipelines in the country isn’t resolved.

North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper (D) just declared a state of emergency, as residents are already facing long lines and reports of gas stations running out of gas. Areas of Florida and South Carolina are also feeling the squeeze.

Officials warn not to panic, as that will only worsen the situation, but as the toilet paper shortage of 2020 showed, the biological instinct for self-preservation beats out any sense of brotherly love. Gas prices were already up 60% nationally. A full-on shortage is coming if they can’t re-open the pipeline.

As America faces inflation, housing shortages, mass evictions, underwhelming jobs numbers, and now a possible gas shortage, a continued 60% approval of the man working the levers would prove the fix is in.

Assuming you need further evidence.

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