2021 ABQ Mayoral Race

Keller Loses Big, Challengers Tie in (Very Unofficial) Radio Poll

The afternoon radio hosts at 770am conducted a quick call-in poll for the Albuquerque mayoral vote Monday, and the results, while statistically meaningless, were bad news for incumbent Tim Keller.

If the election were held today (and only 18 people in the city cast ballots), cornflower blue Keller would be ousted without a runoff.

Callers were unanimous in their disdain for the “Metal Mayor,” giving him a rock bottom zero votes. Even “Uncle Ted” and host TJ Trout fared better, with one vote each.

Bernalillo County Sheriff Manny Gonzales and Rock of Talk owner Eddy Aragon tied with seven votes a piece, and two more Albuquerque residents tipped their hat to a “Manny Aragon” (no apparent relation to either Manny or Aragon).

Manny Gonzales (left), Tim Keller (middle), and Eddy Aragon (right)

Which means if the election were held today, the Duke City would have two mayors (considering how poorly Keller’s done, it may take two to get this city back on track). 

The best part, though, was hearing the groans of discontent from Trout and his sidekick, Brandon Vogt, every time a caller voted for Aragon.

They even corrected the two “Manny Aragon” voters, assuming they meant Manny, not Aragon. The animosity may come from a place of competition, since Aragon runs a competing Conservative talk radio station, but for savvy listeners it sometimes feels like there’s more to it.

It’s arguable whether KKOB has been Conservative at all since Trout took over for Scott Stiegler in early 2019. While Trout, Vogt, and the rest of the KKOB crew don’t openly endorse Gonzales, it does seem like they’re in the tank for the sheriff, lamenting his poor debate performances and even coaching him on air about how to better communicate his plans for saving our city.

Their “poll” included only 18 respondents, which, in a city of some 560,000 residents, puts the margin of error at about 30%. It also has to be taken into consideration that the audience of a “Conservative” radio show probably doesn’t comprise many Democrats.

Still, it’s our first (very unofficial) poll in the race, and while it won’t reflect the eventual outcome of the November 2, 2021 election, it’s a glimpse into how unpopular Keller is, not only compared to Manny and Eddy, but compared to Uncle Ted (whoever that is).

A few more write-in candidates and this thing might start getting interesting.  

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