2021 ABQ Mayoral Race

In Their Own Words: Albuquerque Mayoral Candidates on Crime

The Albuquerque Journal sent each candidate a questionnaire on the issues of greatest concern to voters. The following are unedited and unabridged responses from Albuquerque Mayoral candidates Tim Keller (the incumbent), Manny Gonzales, and Eddy Aragon to The Journal’s questions. 

via ABQJournal.com

Tim Keller’s strategy for reducing violent crime:

“We must hold violent criminals accountable — end the revolving door and keep dangerous offenders behind bars. We need increased penalties when crimes involve guns, and 24/7 pretrial monitoring. I have convened Albuquerque metro area law enforcement agencies and leaders to coordinate our approach to crime and fixing gaps in the criminal justice system.”

Tim Keller’s strategy for reducing property crime:

“We’ve brought property crime down. Auto thefts have been cut by one-third because we’ve added auto theft detectives, built up our bait car program, and focused on habitual offenders. Next, we must staff up 1,200 officers and opt-in commercial and residential camera links to APD’s Real-Time Crime Center.”

Read more at KeepKeller.com

via ABQJournal.com

Manny Gonzales’ strategy for reducing violent crime:

“I will take a people centric approach to have law enforcement forming relationships with community. An all-hands-on deck approach is needed, to include partnering with all law enforcement stakeholders in New Mexico. …”

Manny Gonzales’ strategy for reducing property crime:

“A strong omnipresence of law enforcement is needed in the community. Law enforcement must respond to calls for service and actually enforce laws. An all-hands-on deck community centric approach is needed. Profound partnerships with community and other public safety stakeholders is the key to success. I have those relationships.”

Read more at MannyForABQ.com

Eddy Aragon’s strategy for reducing violent crime:

“1. Punish all crime, not just felonies.

via ABQJournal.com

2. Arrest misdemeanors (shoplifting, trespassing, possession, loitering, prostitution).

3. No rehabilitation of criminals. Focus on the public. Prosecute.

4. Arrest quality of life issues (camping, begging, sanitation).

5. Build departments within APD (nonexistent units within APD: Gang Unit, Commercial & Residential Burglary).”

Eddy Aragon’s strategy for reducing property crime?

“1. Create property crime departments for residential and commercial.

2. Crime impact detectives are 50% understaffed. Need 100% staffed.

3. Get citizens to call 911. Calls are down. Crime is up.

4. Support APD officers. Bolster with increased reporting staff.

5. Auto theft division improved because they got resourced.”

Read more at FightFor505.com

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