2021 ABQ Mayoral Race

ABQ Mayoral Candidates: One Week from Election Day

The Conservative New Mexican reached out to each campaign to ask their thoughts on the latest Albuquerque Journal and KOB-4 polls, what the data means for Tuesday night, and what closing argument they would make to voters as they head into the final week of the campaign.

Polls from The Journal and KOB show Incumbent Tim Keller at 53% and 41%, Sheriff Manny Gonzales at 20% and 22%, and radio show owner Eddy Aragon at 13% and 18%, respectively. The polls reflected between 12% and 18% undecided, which means nothing is set in stone. A poll conducted at the beginning of the month by The Paper. showed Keller at 47%, Gonzales 21%, Aragon 11%, and 21% undecided.

Here is what the candidates said:

Eddy Aragon: “I’ve been in this race for less than 2 months and we have had 6 debates during that time. The last two debates are not reflected in the final polls during the ABQ Journal and KOB 4 which are both different in their results. Against our own numbers we believe that we are polling at or near 40% with over 2900 responses with over 1200 people who have stated that they are voting for me for the next Mayor of Albuquerque. I am confident the voters of Albuquerque are accurately reflected in our polling samples which are 5 and 6 times the size of the two samples conducted by these two sources.”

Tim Keller: “We take nothing for granted. While the polls show us with healthy leads, we know we must do all we can to get out the vote among supporters. We’re focused on the most certain poll of all — the results from the Election. Reassuringly, we see our support growing, in some part, because the public is appalled at Manny Gonzales and the stunt he pulled during the debate, but more importantly, because there’s faith in the leadership of Mayor Keller and the foundation he’s laid to tackle our long-standing challenges with crime, homelessness and poverty.”

Manny Gonzales: No response was received from the campaign.

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