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Albuquerque Is Lost

I wrote a column for this morning titled, “It’s Not Over,” about the mayor’s race and the hope that the lone Conservative could keep the incumbent from passing 50% and push this election to a December runoff.

My thinking was, if Republicans turn out to vote, they win. Democrats are low-information voters with fair-weather young and minority blocs who show up when a national celebrity is on the ballot (for, in the case of Obama; against, in the case of Trump…arguably).

It’s an off-year election. Mayor Tim Keller has overseen record homicides. The city is overrun with homeless people. Police officers are leaving in droves. 


Democrats run everything, and everything is shit.

Are voters so stupid to continue putting these people into power?

I increasingly thought no. 

There was a shot. 

But then The Albuquerque Journal’s COVID poll came out this morning showing 63% of city voters support vaccine mandates. 

They support forcing people to get a shot that’s been on the market less than a year to not prevent the spread of a virus that is likely not going to kill you.

Polls are sometimes wrong, but the letters to the editor, the Top of Mind responses, the Speak Up comments — everything reinforces this view. Not only does your neighbor want you fired from your job if you won’t get the jab, but she wants your kids poked too. 

Sixty three percent is the end of the mayoral race. 

The Republican, Eddy Aragon, is the only unvaccinated candidate. He’s been out at the protests with workers and parents opposed to the vax and mask mandates. He’s a fellow skeptic about the pandemic, the ever-changing “science,” and the efficacy of COVID vaccines. He stands for individual liberty and the freedom to choose what you put or do not put into your own body.

And he is so far in the minority that it’s hard to see any path to victory. 

In 2017, Tim Keller won with 62.2% of the vote.

In 2018, Michelle Lujan Grisham won with 57.2% of the vote. The attorney general won with 61.8%, state auditor 57.6%, Supreme Court 59.2%, Secretary of State 57.8%. All Democrats.

In 2020, Joe Biden took the state with 54.3% and Ben Ray Lujan won a senate seat with 51.7%.

In June 2021, Melanie Stansbury won Congressional District 1 with 60.4% of the vote. 

COVID isn’t everything. Voters have signaled their frustrations over crime and homelessness as well. But crime and homelessness were bad five months ago when Stansbury coasted to victory, and all of the factors giving a Republican a theoretical edge now existed then: it was not only an off-year election but a special election, with a far-Left candidate whose Valley Girl accent and Glamour Shots poses were literally the only qualifiers. She had no record to run on and had nothing to say beyond woke platitudes about any of the issues facing the district. And she destroyed the Republican.

We were wrong in November 2020 when we thought the country was fed up with COVID, the fear mongering, the masks. Fool me once.

The mandates have only gotten worse. They’re now trying to vaccinate your kids despite there being an almost zero chance of severe reaction and without knowing the long-term effects. Nobody has the guts to do the one thing they know would take away the state’s power: removing their kids from school. Ninety percent of grown adults still wear masks in stores. Three quarters are fully vaccinated (allegedly). And two-thirds want to force other people to get a Big Pharma cocktail. 

Democrats have won by an average of 60% in recent years. With an Albuquerque populace that has shown once again that they do not respect freedom, do not value personal responsibility, and do not want change, that’s exactly what they’re going to vote for.

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  1. I don’t get it, either. I’ve talked to people who live in Albuquerque who complain about the governor, about the mayor, about homelessness, crime, masks, etc. They also say they believe in the 2nd amendment (some even have guns) and just want to live their lives and not be bothered but yet they keep voting Democrat.

    Some of these people say they don’t like politics and don’t really pay attention to what’s going on. They seem more concerned with posting stuff on social media than anything else and don’t think twice about giving up their freedoms just so they can go out to eat or go to some event. To them it’s no big deal. When I tell them it’s not going to stop there, that more of their freedoms will be taken away, they either look at me like I’m crazy or say they don’t want to hear it.

    Others just hate Trump and so they vote Democrat just so they won’t be voting for the party that Trump is a part of. And others are Democrats because their father, mother, grandma, grandpa, great-grandma, or some other family member who isn’t even alive anymore was a Democrat.

    I wish I could shake them and knock some sense into them but talking to them is like talking to a wall.


  2. One of the best Republican voter suppression articles I’ve seen lately. Thanks, you just convinced a whole lot of Republicans to say “why bother” and stay home tomorrow; my grandson and his wife along with their neighbors just to name a few. If you are going to cry in your beer do it AFTER the election, not the day before. Nonetheless, I find this typical of republicans, they can always find away to shoot themselves in the foot and injure the rest of us as well. Make no mistake, your idiocy will not keep me from voting tomorrow.


  3. I Dont agree with Anonymous….this is an article that is showing to a lot of us just how stupid the voters of Albuquerque and New Mexico are. Most people don’t like being called stupid and will change jsut to prove they are not. But here? Nope they continue voting the way they have been then turn around and complain how things are. Well, they are the way they are because of their votes. If they would wise up a bit and realize this…then maybe Albuquerque can become the city it once was…but not until. At least Jacob Candelaria is not running again. That is a good thing but the voters continue their stupid ways…and keep voting for the things they are complaining about…and things will continue to be bad here. It is so sad because New Mexico is a great state….with stupid people. At least some of us know what needs to be done, and voted for the change.


  4. This is the saddest article l’ve read in a while. I love the NM I came to in 1997. It’s not the same. My kids are growing marrying and now talking of moving away. This breaks my heart. I don’t know if the people here are just stupidly lazy or if fraud is stealing our voices. I just keep praying that God grant us a miracle of hope with Eddy Aragon winning tomorrow, but as we kill our babies in the womb and fall further into corruption here, I feel God doesn’t believe we deserve this miracle.


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