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ACQUITTED: Rittenhouse Jury Shows No Sympathy for Dead Convicts & Pedos

A jury of his peers has returned a not-guilty verdict on all counts for Kyle Rittenhouse, proving that justice still sings in the Land of the Free, and that the selfless defense of life, liberty, and property remain highly valued traits of patriots willing to stand for what’s right.

On legal grounds, the prosecution had a weak case. Ample footage shows Rittenhouse being chased, threatened, and assaulted before he shoots the three perpetrators in question.

But the outcome is simpler than that. It comes down to race, crime, and pedophilia.

Race? you might ask. Why would race matter? It’s 2021, after all

Race matters because apparently the mainstream news failed to tell the full story of what happened on August 25, 2020, and Liberals have been calling for Rittenhouse’s head on the basis that he’s a…what term did President Biden use…“white nationalist”?

It took a criminal trial for the media to reveal that all of the men shot by Rittenhouse were white.

Gaige Grosskreut admitted on the stand that he was pointing a handgun at Rittenhouse when Rittenhouse shot Grosskreut through the arm. He survived and delivered the testimony that ultimately freed Rittenhouse. Good job Grosskreut.

Anthony Huber was a 26-year-old skateboarder, drug user, and convicted felon with an ugly, violent past. Video footage shows Huber charging Rittenhouse and beating him over the head with a skateboard before being shot one time in the chest.

Joseph Rosenbaum, 36, who was charged in 2002 by a grand jury for molesting five boys aged nine to 11 and who had a criminal rap sheet a mile long, chased, attempted to disarm, and threatened to kill Rittenhouse before expiring from his gunshot wounds, according to evidence.

Did these men deserve to get shot?

Absolutely yes, they did. Intent matters, and in the Kenotha riots we saw one person who was there to keep the peace, administer aid, and defend people and property. On the other side was a group of thugs who were there to do harm. They tried, committing crimes that but for their deaths would surely be prosecuted, and a firearm was legally discharged against them.

The jury was no doubt influenced by the criminal pasts of the “victims” who left our world on that day, but their fate was inevitable. Rittenhouse merely sealed the deal. Not even their mothers should mourn them.

For those calling for riots in response to the verdict, go for it. 

There are times when life seems like a simulation. Now is one of those times. The riots where these men were shot started in response to the police shooting of Jacob Blake, another sexual abuser, who pulled a knife on officers. People flooded the streets to “peacefully protest” police brutality against a Black man, vandalizing and setting fire to businesses, homes, apartments, schools, and government buildings — because nothing says “stop shooting violent rapists” like burning down a school. 

The result was a pedophile and a violent convict ended up in body bags, for which the shooter went to trial and was acquitted. 

If another riot is in store, it’s a logical assumption that more good guys with guns will show up to defend their community, and the riot-dead pedo-trial-acquittal cycle will play on loop, ad infinitum, until we rid our country of child predators entirely.

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