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3rd Most Vaccinated NM County Sees Biggest 2-Week Surge In Hospitalizations

According to the latest data from The New York Times, McKinley County is experiencing a 112% surge in hospitalizations, the highest two-week average in the state, despite being the third most vaccinated county in New Mexico, at 74%.

McKinley made news in July when the county allegedly reached 100% vaccination status. Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham was quick to herald the achievement.

“Congratulations McKinley County! Thank you for leading the way forward & being an incredible partner in our vaccination efforts.”

— Michelle Lujan Grisham, Twitter, July 07, 2021 (since deleted)

MLG quietly deleted that tweet, for obvious reasons, and the county came out confessing that it hadn’t even been tracking vaccination rates for months. State data showed a jump in fully vaccinated adults jump from 22.4% to 78.8% in less than two weeks. As of this writing, 88.9% of adults have been fully vaccinated. To date, neither the state nor the county seem to know who is doing what, whose vaccinations expired, or whether any of it has had any impact whatsoever on the infection rate. Sort of like COVID technocrats across the globe.

The COVID-surge-despite-high-vax-rate story blows a significant hole in the narrative that high vaccine rates slow the spread of the virus. The president of the United States himself told Americans on life television in April that “if you’re vaccinated, you’re not going to be hospitalized.”

“You’re not going to get COVID if you have these vaccinations.”

“If you’re vaccinated, you’re not going to be hospitalized, you’re not going to be in an ICU unit, and you are not going to die”

— President Joe Biden, CNN Town Hall, July 2021

Some of us are even old enough to remember when “herd immunity” was the goal. First it was 70%, then 80 to 90%, and then the CDC scrapped the whole concept, knowing

1) that if 30% of the population is willing to lose their jobs in order to avoid getting vaccinated, there’s no real chance of reaching “herd immunity,” and

2) that literally everything they’ve told the American people has turned out to be wrong (masks don’t work, masks work, 15 days to flatten the curve, etc., etc.) so it’s better to come right out and tell the media to stop talking about it.

Which they promptly and happily did, as one might expect of globalist lapdogs.

Oddly, or not (for those who’ve been paying attention), McKinley’s spike in hospitalizations doesn’t trend with the rise in new cases. McKinley ties for 14th highest rise in new cases (at 13% for the last two-weeks). The highest increase in new cases occurred in Roosevelt County, which saw a 205% increase in cases over the last two weeks.

Also seemingly defiant of the mainstream media’s Saint Fauci Pro-Vaccine mantra, Roosevelt’s highest-in-the-state surge in new cases coincided with an 11% drop in hospitalizations during the same two-week timeframe.

Roosevelt County is the least vaccinated county in New Mexico, at 34%, according to NYTimes data.

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