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Vax-Resistant Omicron Variant a Clarion Call for…More Vaccines

The mainstream media’s version of “news” reads like a how-to guide to global panic and societal brainwashing that has lost its gusto after two years of regurgitating the same damn script.

The latest and greatest COVID variant, called “OMICRON” — like “OMIGOD” but in the anagram form of “MORONIC” — is trying but still struggling to be the Great Satan globalist technocrats have been hoping for.

“Boosters and travel bans will not protect Americans,” warns Matthew Kavanagh, director of the Global Health Policy and Politics Initiative at Georgetown’s O’Neill Institute, according to the Los Angeles Times. “We will continue to live in fear until we fix the vaccine inequalities.”

That’s an order.

“Of all the variants we have seen to date, this is probably the greatest public health concern we’ve had,” said Michael Osterholm, University of Minnesota epidemiologist. 

OMICRON (we will be putting it in all caps for fear-mongering purposes) is even more contagious than Delta variant and more resistant to vaccinations than previous variants. It has been ominously labeled a “variant of concern” — as opposed to a “variant of interest” — on account of it having “more than 50 mutations, more than half of them on the virus’s spike protein, the key target of vaccines and subsequent antibodies.”

Which is why the solution to OMICRON is…you guessed it: MORE VACCINES!

It’s like forcing the masses to consume more laxatives for a laxative-resistant stomach bug they don’t have. But even more puzzling is why the media continue peddling fantasies as if facts were a death wish for humanity.

“For almost a year since COVID- 19 vaccines first became available, many leading health authorities have urged wealthy nations and vaccine manufacturing companies to prioritize inoculating people in poorer Southern Hemisphere nations to help prevent troublesome new variants from emerging,” the LA Times reported. 

The information presented by the LA Times here is factual but false. They are reporting what officials have done and the rationale officials have given for the actions they have taken — they have encouraged inoculation in poor countries — but there is no evidence presented that shows a causal link between vaccination rates and the emergence of new variants.

The LA Times goes on, still without evidence or attribution, stating that “unvaccinated populations in the developing world provide far more opportunities for the coronavirus to evolve into forms that could threaten the effectiveness of vaccines.”

That’s the big reveal. The fear is not that COVID will overrun hospitals or wipe out entire populations, or that new variants could threaten citizens; it’s that new variants “could threaten the effectiveness of vaccines.”

And who is threatened by ineffective vaccines? Big Pharma.

With careful wording the mainstream media makes the case that the unvaccinated are the cause for new variants without providing scientific data to support the claim.

So is it true, or is mainstream media shilling for Big Pharma?

You already know the answer.

It turns out that B.1.1.529 (aka OMICRON) was first discovered (on Monday, November 22, 2021) in four fully vaccinated travelers in Botswana.

“The preliminary report revealed that all the four had been fully vaccinated for COVID-19,” according to Dr. Kereng Masupu, coordinator of Botswana’s Presidential COVID-19 Task Force.

To claim that new variants emerge from countries with low vaccination rates seems like an easy statement to fact-check. If true, new variants would come from countries with low vaccination rates.

So do they?

Not exactly.

Most COVID variants occurred before vaccines existed. In non-Greek-alphabetic-order, the first three variants originated from the United Kingdom (Alpha), South Africa (Beta), and Tokyo (Gamma). The Eta variant originated in the UK and Nigeria in December 2020, Iota from New York in November 2020, and Kappa from India in December 2020.

The Theta variant arrived in February from the Philippines, The Epsilon in March from California, Zeta came from Rio de Janeiro in July, and Delta from India in May 2021. OMICRON was detected among travelers (their country of origin or travel history is as yet undisclosed) in Botswana, a country that is roughly 20% vaccinated but which has been relatively untouched by COVID (as has most of Africa).

A cursory look at the countries in question reveals a common denominator that Donald J. Trump might call the “shit-hole country factor.” Nigeria, Botswana, India, Rio de Janeiro, the Philippines, India again.  

There is as-yet the exact same amount of evidence proving that OMICRON mutated inside four fully vaccinated travelers because of as there is proving that they contracted the variant from unvaccinated Botswanas because of Botswana’s low-vaccination statistics: none.

So why perpetuate the myth that low-vaccination rates are the cause of new variants?

Again, you already know the answer.

There’s no money to be made in pointing out to fat Americans that skinny Africans with high UV exposure are statistically untouched by COVID infections, and who advertises in mainstream media if not the pharmaceutical industry.

You can no more sell a pill to poor people in Africa than you can convince an obese American to stop eating fast food for breakfast. Neither makes anybody any money. But there is money to be made in skapegoating those in the third world unscathed by COVID with fear-mongering and advocating vaccines to overweight sheep in the first world. 

That’s your daily dose of media literacy. 

Read carefully, friends. 

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  1. The media has a lot to answer for in this new age of sensationalism being presented as journalism. The funny thing is that msm is dirty on alternative and non msm news sites because the alternatives are gaining viewers while msm are losing viewers. The solution for msm was to cry foul and wanted certain alternative sites banned. They would be better served if they had a good long hard look at themselves and lifted their act.

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  2. Dear Nick

    Many thanks for your post, very useful. The omigod variant will be base on omega or OMG for short. Omega is the last letter of the Greek alphabet as no doubt you know.

    Variants are all made up to propa-gate fear, properly I believe made up by Gates, Bill and Melinda, to scare people into taking their poisons. This is the same as the Windows system where they made people scared of computer viruses, which they made up. The updates are ‘sold’ to help your computer but in reality bugger it up.

    But it does make lots of money for the Gates who are rather hard up at the moment, lol.

    I used to think that vaccines were of some use until, at 60 years of age last year, I researched properly. I changed my mind. No vaccine ever has been of use, it was only made to appear so by advertising incessantly that they were of some use in preventing a specific illness or limiting the extent of that illness.

    Vaccines causing variants as they poison people. Not that the tests are anything to go by.

    Here’s a couple of links if you are interested.

    Kind regards

    Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson


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