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Triple-Vaccinated New Mexico Democrat Tests Positive for COVID

New Mexico state senator Roberto “Bobby” Gonzales has tested positive for COVID-19 four days into the legislative session.

According to The Albuquerque Journal, “Gonzales said he is fully vaccinated and recently got a booster shot.”

“Gonzales, a Democrat from Ranchos de Taos, said he was tested before meeting with a tribal governor this week and got a positive test result,” Dan Boyd of the Journal reported. “He said he immediately informed Senate leadership and then made the roughly 80-minute drive back to his house, where he is self-isolating.”

According to Boyd, rules prohibit legislators from attending floor sessions in person, regardless of vaccination status, if they have been in close contact with someone who tests positive for COVID.

Gonzales said “he tested negative for COVID-19 after meeting with Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham and other legislators in the run-up to the special session.”

Legislators are not required to be vaccinated in order to attend sessions in person; however, residents are.

The elites’ “Vax for thee but not for me” mantra doesn’t appear to matter to the virus.

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  1. Huge numbers of false positives. PCR run at 45 cycles can produce up to 97% false positives. These tests designed to inflate statistics. “Tested positive” is largely meaningless.


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