Biden Blunders

Biden Thinks 20 Million Women Lost Their Jobs From the Pandemic, Claims Childcare Costs Keeping Them From Returning to Work

Biden loses temper, again, over hypothetical conversation he makes up where two parents are discussing the cost of medicine.

President Biden’s COVID speech Tuesday was a bumbling mess in more ways than one — his slippery dentures and slurred speech, the constant coughing and throat-clearing, the angry outbursts, the repeated pleas to “pleash get vakshinated” — but it got even worse (as it always does) when the teleprompter went dark and the president spoke off the cuff in a short Q&A session with the press pool.

After a 22-minute speech that NY Post columnist John Podhoretz described as “insanely repetitive” — “he literally said every single thing three times over, in a manner that suggested three different speech drafts had been prepared and all three were simply read serially even though they were entirely duplicative” — Biden was asked about Democrat Sen. Joe Manchin’s about-face on Biden’s signature $1.75 trillion “Build Back Better” social justice bill and how the president will negotiate future legislation with Progressives within the Democrat party.

Biden gave a meandering defense of the now-dead Build Back Better bill, at one point claiming it would help 20 million unemployed mothers return to the workplace.

“(On) childcare, you can reduce the cost up to 70 percent,” Biden said. “That’ll be the difference between 20 million women who aren’t back in the workforce being able to go back, if you pass it.”

“20 million” means 20 million, “That aren’t back in the workforce” means Biden thinks they were in the workforce and could be again. 

This isn’t merely a gaffe. It’s a real-world example of just how far gone his mind is. 

To claim not only that 20 million mothers remain out of the workplace because of COVID and child care costs, but that 20 million mothers lost their jobs at all because of COVID is ridiculous on its face.

Total civilian job losses from the pandemic peaked at 25.4 million, according to Bureau of Labor Statistics data. Within seven months, 16.5 million of those jobs had returned, and another 5 million have returned since Biden took office in January 2021. 

While the White House has bragged that it “created” 5 million jobs since taking office, those jobs existed before the pandemic, and as of the end of November, the workforce was still 3.5 million jobs below pre-pandemic levels.

According to Census data, as reported by US Reports, “roughly 3.5 million mothers with school-age children either lost jobs, took leaves of absence or left the labor market altogether” after the pandemic.

After such outlandish claims, Biden should be glad Build Back Better didn’t pass, because it would be yet another pock mark on his reputation if the promised “70%” cut in child care costs didn’t result in 20 million moms returning to the workplace. And it wouldn’t, because weren’t 20 million moms forced out of the workplace in the first place.

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