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Gym Karen Terrified By ‘Bullet Shots’ In One of Most Dangerous Cities In America

A shooting occurred outside of the Defined Fitness on January 10, 2022. In a shocking revelation, the location is on Unser and Central in Southwest Albuquerque.

Albuquerque Police told KOB4 two cars exchanged gunfire in the area behind the gym. There are no suspects at this time.

Shootings in Albuquerque happen every day. Most residents already know this, but one woman interviewed on the scene has apparently been quarantining a little too long.

“We were starting to warm up, we heard a loud pop. And we thought maybe it was the speakers or the light bulb that busted. So we go and we take a look. And we hear the instructor scream and say, ‘Oh, my goodness.’ ”

She said that’s when they noticed a bullet hole the size of a quarter in the wall and then, more gunfire.

“We start hearing more bullet shots. And so at that time, everybody just panicked and round ran out of the room.”

KOB report

The unidentified woman is concerned that the gym is not doing enough to protect their customers.

“They should have evacuated and notified the members that something’s going on, and please evacuate. Put more alert out there, versus letting everybody just sit there and continue to work out.”

–Gym Karen

Think about that. There’s a shooting going on outside, and this lady wants the gym to tell her to evacuate. Maybe there are some better ideas out there than running outside to where the shooting is happening.

The woman is so shaken from the incident, that she told KOB4 she needs to refocus and “find her comfort” before visiting this location again.

Where has she been living?

Albuquerque strived for a new record of homicides last year, reaching at least 117. Albuquerque is one of the most violent cities in America. And don’t forget that this location is on Central, a corridor of crime throughout the city.

For their part, Defined Fitness told KOB4 that the incident was unrelated to the gym and said it’s still a safe place for its members. Notice how there was no reminder of their security precautions already in place and no mention of increasing the security presence at this location.

Maybe they could install some flashing lights. Or maybe they could take their customers safety seriously and invest in armed security guards with patrol vehicles. Just don’t park the patrol vehicles in this area, the rims and tires, hell the whole vehicle will magically disappear.

Who knows, maybe they could ask his superb excellency the Mayor, Mr. Tim Keller, to send in the city’s new “community police” squad to talk to the shooters, maybe hand out some water bottles and snacks. They should take Ms. Karen with them to express her frustration about how their shooting ruined her workout.

Enough of this ridiculousness. There are more appropriate ways to respond to gunfire:

  1. Do not listen or follow instructions from unidentified women.
  2. Do not run toward the sound of gunfire.
  3. Do not evacuate your building to run toward the sound of gunfire outside.
  4. If you are in an area of the gym without solid walls (think a wall of windows), move to an area where there are solid walls (walls of brick).
  5. If you have time, notify those around you who may not be aware of the situation (rocking out with their headphones on).
  6. If you are able, notify the front desk so they can notify the gym and lock the doors.
  7. Call 911 and wait behind solid walls, low to the ground.

If you find yourself wanting to know more about what to do if the shooting is inside, check out the DHS website.

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  1. My response to narby gunfire is get on the ground and urge all who can hear to get on the ground. You might get some ricochet but not a direct hit. And all those crime shows on TV.


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