Legislative Actions

Unequal Pay for Equal Work: Lawmakers Push $15 Minimum Wage For State Employees — But Not Private Industry Workers

How many feminist Democrats will oppose the bill on the principle of equality?

State employees working as dishwashers, clerks, delivery drivers, and janitors are likely to see a 30% wage hike thanks to a push by the governor and majority Democratic legislature to raise the minimum wage for state workers to $15 an hour. 

Unfortunately for private industry workers doing those exact same jobs, they will continue to earn $11.50 an hour.

Why the discrepancy? 

It’s good politics, for one, especially with a big election approaching. It also provides a subtle psychological nudge that makes government employment — and therefore government itself — seem more appealing than private industry employment, even if the work is identical.

But the reason it’s possible is not so subtle. Increasing the minimum wage for state workers is only possible because the state is funded by taxes, coercively collected under threat of imprisonment, whereas private industry wages are merit-based, requiring competition, ingenuity, efficiency, and a quality of product or service that consumers would freely choose to purchase. 

In short, it’s easy to increase pay when you’re funding the raises with other people’s money.

Which is why the government isn’t pushing a $15 minimum wage on private business. 

The party of the “working man” has officially become the party of socialism.

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