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2 Teenagers Charged With Murder In Shooting of Massage Parlor Owner

A massage parlor near the corner of Menaul Blvd., NE and San Pedro Dr., NE became the ninth homicide investigated by the Albuquerque Police Department in 2022.

APD told KOAT that a man attempting to rob the business is responsible for the death of 37-year-old Sihui Fang, the owner of Wonderful Massage.

At around 8PM on Monday, surveillance footage shows 18-year old Jorge Rivera-Ramirez enter the massage parlor. Later on in that same footage, Fang is seen with a gun to her head, being forced to let another man inside of the store. APD stated that Fang attempted to run from the store but is pulled back in and dragged down a hallway by her hair.

A close friend of Fang told KOB he was asked by APD to identify the body. He described the scene as a war zone. APD reports that it appears Fang and Rivera-Ramirez exchanged gunfire inside the store.

Rivera-Ramirez called 9-1-1 to report that he had been injured and was in need of medical help. He is listed in critical condition at an ABQ hospital.

Fang died on the scene.

The second man that entered the store fled the scene but was apprehended Friday. He has been identified as 18-year-old Juan Carlos Hernandez.

This latest incident of violence is just another example of the lawlessness that has been allowed to fester in Albuquerque.

Don’t worry, citizens. while the community mourns this loss, Albuquerque Mayor Tim Keller is touting additions to the airport. No word on how he plans to address public safety in his second term.

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