Biden Blunders

POLL: Biden Approval in New Mexico Falls 21%

Joe Biden has officially delivered on his promise to unify the country. Unfortunately, the unification seems to be against him, not for him.

A new poll from CIVIQS put Biden’s approval rating at 34% nationally. Among New Mexico respondents, only 33% said they support the president, including only 37% among Hispanics.

The poll is the lowest of recent data, though only slightly below IBD/TIPP’s 38% earlier this month and Trafalgar Group’s 39% in mid-January, and Quinnipiac’s 35% in early January.

According to an historical analysis from, Biden is the least popular first-year president on record, dating back to 1945 — with the single exception of Donald Trump, whose approval rating 391 days into his first term stood at 41.5%, which is less than a half a percentage point lower than Biden’s current 41.9% approval rating.

Imagine how low Biden’s approval rating would be if the media were less concerned with his new cat or favorite ice cream flavors and instead spent their day writing diatribes about how Biden is a racistxenophobepuppet of Russiaserial sexual assaulter, or “literally Hitler,” as they did against Trump for the entirety of his term.

Biden was polling at 54% in New Mexico in the lead up to the November 2020 election. He won the state with 54.3% of the vote. That’s a 21-percentage-point swing in support in less than 16 months. 

And Biden hasn’t even started a new war yet — though that may be coming later this week.

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