Biden Blunders

Biden Voters Should Be Ashamed

Inflation is at a 40-year high. Keystone XL is dead, and gas prices are up 50% in a year. Some 220,000 illegal immigrants have evaded capture at the southern border since October 2021. The deficit hit $2.8 trillion in 2021. COVID policy has been an utter failure. The Afghanistan withdrawal was a deadly and tragic blunder.

And now Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

It’s no wonder the number of Democrat retirements in Congress has hit a 30-year high. They failed to get a single Republican to join their “Build Back Better” initiative, their emphasis on “equity over value” has castrated the military and destroyed women’s sports, and their broken promise on student debt cancellation has turned their own constituents against them.

Biden’s approval rating is in the low 40s, and that’s before an already botched response to the foreign invasion of an ally. 

Rasmussen’s latest poll putting Biden’s approval at 42% is about to be the high of his second year in office. A new Associated Press poll showed only 26% of Americans believe the U.S. should have a “major role” in the invasion. 

The anti-religious base of Biden’s party has long mocked Republicans for offering “thoughts and prayers” in the face of tragedy, and yet, as Ukraine was invaded by Russia Thursday, Biden was fast asleep and his social media crew was offering literally nothing but prayers — and false assurances that “meetings” would be held in the morning.

And they were, but the response was so flaccid even Biden admitted the new “economic sanctions” would not immediately deter Vladimir Putin in his siege of Ukraine.

Despite the U.S. successfully pressuring SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication) to kick out Iran over its nuclear program, Biden has chosen to allow the continued shelling of Ukraine over more severe financial sanctions, evidence that Biden is either  gutless or a Putin puppet.

Weapons in theory are apparently worse than actual war.

Trump’s impeachment for a phone call with the Ukrainian president put Ukraine on the political map, but most Americans couldn’t tell you what exactly transpired. Fewer could find Ukraine on a map. And while a quarter of poll respondents say the U.S. should have a major role in the conflict, virtually zero Americans are well-read enough to say exactly why they believe that. 

The embarrassing minority of Americans who have followed the Russia-Ukraine conflict see the Biden Administration’s saber-rattling as a distraction from his failed economic policies. The majority will see the headlines about weak sanctions (and promises of harsher ones, later) as further meddling in foreign affairs that have nothing to do with the daily struggles of average Americans. 

The attempt by the Biden Administration to scapegoat Russia as the source of even higher gas prices in coming months is unlikely to pass the sniff test. 

There are countless reasons why Americans loathed Trump. From his extra-marital affairs and cocky demeanor to his bad tan and American First (read: “racist”) domestic policy–not to mention the mean tweets–it’s understandable why so many dumb Americans opposed his re-election.

But when it came to his “peace through strength” foreign policy, there is no doubting the effect of having an alpha in the White House.

Not only did Trump significantly boost military spending, but he is said to have threatened both Putin and Chinese president Xi Jinping, telling them if Putin moves on Ukraine or Xi moves on Taiwan, the U.S. would rain down hellfire on Moscow and Beijing. “All those beautiful golden turrets will be blown up,” Trump reportedly said.

Biden was elected on the belief that he would be the “adult in the room,” and yet he has proven to be only a bumbling geriatric who cannot face the press, let alone mingle which his constituents. 

Whatever people think about Trump, he’s no longer president, and beta energy in the White House has proven self-defeating.

America was energy independent when Biden took office. He has destroyed that independence and signaled to our global foes that the buffoon in the Oval Office has neither the intelligence nor the grit to stand up for American interests.

While the 81,268,924 votes Biden allegedly received in the 2020 presidential election were record-setting, even the mainstream polls prove that an increasing number of Americans regret their decision.

And they should.

Biden isn’t only intellectually and cognitively ill-equipped for the job as Commander in Chief, he lacks the balls to stand on an international stage with our enemies. 

His decision to stoke the coals of a Russian-Ukraine conflict while sleeping through the military strikes that resulted–declining to put boots on the ground to defend an ally and balking at real sanctions against Russia–proves not only that Biden is a weak leader, but that Biden voters were more concerned with the “presidential image” than they were the results of a president’s policies. 

Biden is an embarrassment, but Biden voters are a pock mark on the electorate of the greatest country on Earth. Both should be ashamed.

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