Resisting the Winds

The Slap Heard Round the World

Comedian Assaults Comedian Over Comedy

Actor Will Smith gave whatever viewership still remains of the Oscars a much needed reprieve from the regularly scheduled hubris when he walked on stage to viciously slap Chris Rock after Rock made a  joke about Smith’s wife being bald. In what has been dubbed the “slap heard round the world” there has been such a copious amount of analysis dumped into the public that I will keep my thoughts simple, sharing three unrelated points of interest this outburst reveals for Christians.

The Difference Between Men and Women is Not Lost

Many jokes were made about how Smith was only willing to do this to a man he had a comfortable size advantage over. Some suggested he would not have done this had Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson made the joke, for example. While I think that’s fair speculation, what seems ever more certain is that Smith would not have done this had the joke been made by the female host, Amy Schumer. Does anyone believe Will Smith would slap a woman over a joke? And more to the point, if he had, would the public react the same way? To ask the question is to answer it.

These award ceremonies are gatherings of woke progressives, but we all know that when push comes to shove (or should we say slap) they know that men and women are objectively different and ought to be treated differently.

The Failure of Intersectionality

Amidst the online clamor, the Woke of have struggled to know how to respond. While some public celebrities have been willing to forcefully condemn Smith, there are a good many who are merely lamenting the situation without casting blame or fault. Others have gone so far to try and blame the “whiteness” for what happened. This reveals how shallow intersectionality is.

We simply cannot live life rightly through the lenses of race and oppression. How on earth can we adjudicate a situation like this? Is Smith guilty of toxic masculinity? If he were to be arrested for assault, is that the fault of the systemically racist judicial system? What about Rock? Is he guilty of violence since, after all, “words are violence” now? Was Smith merely acting in self-defense? Was Chris Rock guilty of toxic masculinity?

When morality is subjected to skin color and different levels of oppression, true justice will never be found. Rather, morality must be grounded in a transcendent, immutable law is imposed upon all men from outside ourselves.

The Marriage Bed Must be Kept in Honor

Smith utterly failed to do what he sought out to do. He tried to defend his wife’s honor. He tried to look like a man of principle. But since the entire world knows that he has been allowing his wife to sleep with other men, we know that neither he nor his wife have any honor to defend. And everyone sees the hypocrisy of pretending to be outraged–after initially laughing–when a man jokes about your wife’s bald held, when that same man theoretically could have taken her to bed the night before with your permission.

Smith’s slap was the outrage of a cuckold who is trying to maintain any semblance of masculinity he might still have after giving so much of it up to the oxymoron of an “open marriage.”

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  1. I believe the stunt was just that, a stunt. If I slap you you won’t just rock back slightly. I’m not tuned into the sordid details that might surround the stunt. The award shows have no interest to me ever since race became a fundamental and all the speakers became politicians.

    I miss the theater movie experience and catching a few on Netflix or Prime is just OK. I’m leaning more to the pre-1960 films that represent real drama and developed characters. Old John Wayne stuff is fine. I don’t bother anymore with efforts to cast female heroes unless old ones.


  2. From all the hoorah around the slap, I regret thinking it a stunt. Suppose it doesn’t matter.

    Until the industry decides it isn’t in the business of affirming social justice warriors, I will press on with the old movies on my little screens.

    One day maybe the Icon again on senior day…


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