Biden Blunders

Biden Officially Least Popular President In History — Including Trump

Joe Biden is officially the least popular president in modern history–and yes, that includes Donald Trump.

The Liberal 538 Blog has its own magical formula for evaluating the “true” approval of the presidents, as far back as Truman. Their calculation has so far been more favorable to Biden than the Republican-leaning

No more.

As of today, 538 has Biden ranked as the least popular president since 1945.

Biden’s approval rating has fallen 13 percentage points since taking office in January of last year. This week, the 79-year-old reached not only a new personal low, at 41.8%, but fell for the first time (by 0.2%) below Trump’s approval at this point in his presidency.

Biden started his presidency in January 2021 with a 55% approval, more than 10 points higher than where Trump began his in 2017. That gap has steadily closed as Trump climbed to 42% at this time in 2018.

With record inflation, an economy on the brink, a precarious housing market, and global supply chain issues affecting the food on our shelves, it’s very likely that Biden’s approval will fall even lower in coming months.

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