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Woke Lib Restaurant Serving Sort of French Food Goes Full Vax

A restaurant in Albuquerque has gone over to the woke side. Frenchish, located in Nob Hill, has begun to require proof of vaccination for its dine-in customers, KOAT reports.  

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The Frenchish website addresses the policy before you can even look at their menu. The policy states that anyone over the age of 12 is required to provide proof of vaccination.

There is no state or local mandate that requires such a policy.

Jennifer James, co-owner, told KOAT that the restaurant “hopes that it encourages people and gives them a little sense of security.”

For those who haven’t been paying attention, let’s address that sense of security.

The CDC reports that vaccine breakthrough infections are expected. COVID-19 vaccines are effective at preventing most infections. However, like other vaccines, they are not 100% effective. Vaccinated people are still getting COVID-19.

The CDC also reports that fully vaccinated people with Delta variant breakthrough infections can spread the virus to others, and carry the same viral load as unvaccinated people

So if Frenchish only lets vaccinated people in their restaurant, and vaccinated people are spreading COVID and can still get infected, exactly what “sense of security” is provided by limiting access only to vaccinated patrons?

If the point was to protect unvaccinated individuals from themselves, fine, but nobody on planet doesn’t know that COVID exists. Frenchish isn’t creating a “sense of security” for the unvaccinated, since they can’t go there. They’re creating a “sense of security” for the vaccinated, who apparently have no faith in the effectiveness of their vaccines.

This is nothing more than an uneducated attempt at pandering to the woke Left. And who would expect anything else from a business with a name like “Frenchish.”

In America, businesses enjoy enormous freedoms, and rightfully so. Choosing to discriminate against those in the population that have not been vaccinated against a virus with a 99% survival rate seems to be a poor execution of those freedoms.  

Freedom-loving restaurant-goers should respect Frenchish’s right to make make whatever policies they want.

You can exercise your freedom by spending your dollars elsewhere.

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