Lamenting Leftism

‘Equality’ Would Be UNM Women’s Team Cutting Ticket Prices 20%

Democrat Brian Egolf of the New Mexico legislature made front page news today over a Twitter post (from two weeks ago) decrying the sexism inherent in the pricing of men’s versus women’s college basketball tickets.

It’s one thing when woke Liberals ignore basic statistics (whether on race, crime, poverty, or IQ) because it doesn’t fit their equity narrative, but it’s a new level of inanity to draw attention to a statistic that’s actually more sexist against the great oppressor (men) than it is the helpless victim he’s aiming to infantilize (women).

That’s right. Do the math, Egolf.

The University of New Mexico women’s basketball team averaged 4,874 attendees at home games in the 2019–20 season, according to the Journal’s deep investigative reporting, versus 10,992 per game for the UNM men’s basketball team. Despite 124% higher attendance than the women’s team, season ticket prices for men’s games cost only 81% more than women’s ($199 versus $110). 

The real injustice here is ticket prices are discounted for men despite significantly higher demand.

If Egolf is looking for equality, he should immediately demand a 20% reduction in women’s ticket prices (to $89) in order to reflect the attendance that each team draws.

Egolf’s commentary on the issue is as dumb as his math. 

“As a father of two daughters. I just don’t like the message it communicates to girls in the state — that their efforts on the basketball court aren’t as appreciated or valued as the work of the men.”

 —Brian Egolf (D-Santa Fe), House Speaker, New Mexico Legislature, per The Albuquerque Journal

Egolf can not like it all he wants, but the fact remains that men are generally better at basketball than women. Changing the price of admission not only wouldn’t change that, but it would have the opposite effect he’s pretending to demand. 

If Egolf had his way, the 70% empty stands at the women’s UNM games would be 85–90% empty. 

How’s that for making women feel important.

As a fellow father of two daughters, I don’t understand the benefit of lying about something your kids know intuitively isn’t true. Making victims of women in sports won’t make them any better at sports than imprinting a victim’s mindset on your children will make them successful at life.

But you run your experiment, Egolf. Keep pretending to be offended about things that are not offensive and feeding your children a Liberal victimization fantasy. Let’s see who’s right.

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