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Zero Compassion Warranted for Hobbs Mom Who Threw Baby in Dumpster

Hobbs, New Mexico, mother throws her newborn baby into a Dumpster, January 2022

The public defender representing Alexis Avila, who is being charged with attempted murder for throwing her baby in a Dumpster, recently issued this statement, according to KOB4’s Alex Ross:

“Alexis is barely 18 herself. Whatever happened is already a tragedy for her family and the community. As humans, we should practice compassion as we wait for the justice system to work.”

 — Public DefenderIbukun Adepoju

There’s one compelling reason why you should have sympathy for Avila — but only one — and that is if Avila isn’t actually the woman in the video throwing her newborn baby into a trash can.

If it is her — and it is, according to police — it does not matter that she is “barely” 18.

It does not matter that she “panicked.”

It does not matter that she didn’t know she was pregnant until a few days before giving birth.

It doesn’t matter that she gave birth in the bathroom at home.

It doesn’t even matter that the father allegedly hit her before they broke up.

Every one of these excuses will be used in the trial to justify the attempted murder of a newborn baby.

But these excuses shouldn’t matter, and won’t according to a jury of her peers, because there was sufficient time to stop herself from committing the eventual crime. 

They won’t matter because the baby was stuffed into a black garbage bag after Avila gave birth. 

They won’t matter because it was 36 degrees outside when the baby was dumped.

They won’t matter because if it weren’t for a couple of local “Dumpster divers,” the baby would not have lived, and Avila would be facing cold blooded murder, not attempted murder.

They won’t not matter because if it was a man who did this, people would be demanding the death penalty. And rightfully so.

It is not difficult to understand the logical inconsistency of advocating the murder of people who murder people to show that murdering people is wrong. But this is bumper sticker logic. 

Justice is a matter of both individual wrongdoing and the precedents established as the foundation of future society. Exempting adults from the consequences of heinous crimes only increases the future potential of heinous crimes. And when crimes like this occur, you can’t help wondering about the subliminal effectiveness of the pro-abortion and anti-child propaganda that permeates mainstream media and mainstream politics in the modern era–not only if society itself has paved the way for this sort of thinking, but if more is coming because of it.

A mother who leaves her child for dead has no place in society, no matter her age. If after 18 years on this planet you have so little regard for human life that you would stuff your own newborn child into a garbage bag and literally THROW IT into a Dumpster, you are exactly what your friends, family, and community members will call you: evil.

According to police, Avila admitted to throwing her baby in the trash. There is no coming back from that. There is no place for sympathy. Compassion is not owed to people who are not themselves capable of it. 

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  1. Damn. This is so repugnant it’s beyond belief. I feel sorry for any jury and hope she decides to plead. Wonder if this will make news for the Daily Lobo.


      • Thanks for the follow-up. So her lawyer wants to see what the offer might be. We will see what will happen. The prosecution likely has a easy win with lots of news to boast over. But the gov’t will be blamed for no baby boxes as if that matters. Much bad stuff on the way.


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